Booking Terms & Conditions


Updated August 2020


Bookings are made via an online booking software. An email address is required for all bookings and appointment reminders. SMS messaging is optional. Booking is not confirmed until payment is received.


Availability for sessions and enquiries varies depending on the week and time zone. Most sessions currently take place on Skype. Limited in-person Homeopathic & Nutrition follow on sessions are currently available on Monday afternoons in York for Adults only. There may be a wait for these appointments. If you need to contact Quintessence Portal, please email in the first instance. All emails are attempted to be responded to Monday to Thursday, within 72hours. Emails and phone calls will be responded to outside of these times where possible. It may take longer to respond to phone messages. It is the clients responsibility to seek urgent medical advice from their regular medical practitioner if there are any concerns about their physical and mental health.

**In-Person Appointments**

 Limited in person Homeopathic & Nutrition follow on sessions are available on Monday afternoons in York limited to 1 hour duration.

The fee includes additional requirements for PPE at this time.

A questionnaire must be completed prior to the appointment confirming fitness to attend. A link will be provided in a text 24hours before the appointment.

Clients must not attend a booked in-person session appointment if they develop any symptoms associated with a cold, flu or CV-19 – new fever, cough or loss of smell/taste, anyone in the household has CV-19 or developed these symptoms or there has been close contact with anyone with CV-19 symptoms in past 14days, are self-isolating, or quarantining.

Clients are required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment, and wash hands on arrival and leaving the premises. Masks can be provided at the premises for an additional £1 charge.

Clients may be asked to record their temperature or it may be done at the appointment.

Clients must not arrive more than 5 minutes before their appointment time.

Clients must attend alone unless a chaperone is needed and agreed in advance.

One bag only is allowed into the session space.

Refreshments will not be provided, clients can bring a bottle of water to the appointment if required.

All precautions are taken by York Natural Health and Quintessence Portal to ensure that hygiene measures have been adhered to as set out by the UK Government guidelines for CV-19 in England at this time.

Clients must inform Quintessence Portal if they develop symptoms of CV-19 within 14 days of an in-person appointment so that Public Health can be informed.


1. All Initial session bookings In-Person and Skype will require payment within 48 hours of booking
2. All bookings for Energetic sessions, including KSH Guardian Program, HGS/Homeopathy Combination Sessions and Facilitation/Mentor sessions will require payment within 48 hours of booking via Booking Software
3. Follow up bookings for Homeopathy and Nutritional sessions will require payment 1 week before the session. A admin fee of £10 is due for all late payments. See below for UK, Overseas and Homeprophylaxis Program Payments.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure payment is made in accordance with these booking terms.  Payment maybe requested at the time of booking if payments are not received as outlined.

UK and Overseas Skype Payments

Skype UK payments are made via bank transfer. Paypal payments are also accepted. Homeopathy & Nurition & Individual HP sessions paid for by Paypal incur a admin fee.

Paypal admin fees are included in International Homeopathy session, Energetic Session, FHCi/Travel Homeoprophylaxis and Facilitation/Mentor Fees.

Overseas payments are by Paypal.  See above for details of when and how Payments are to be made depending on session type. 

Card Payments

Card payments for In-Person sessions are available via PayPal directly through the booking software at the time of booking. This incurs an additional admin fee for UK Homeopathy & Nutrition sessions.

Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Supervision is provided for the length of the program, up to 2 weeks after the last remedy is taken.

 - Individual HP Payment - is due via bank transfer or Paypal within 48hours booking.  There is 3.4% admin charge for Paypal transactions.

 FHCi & Travel HP Programs Payment - due via PayPal within 48 hours of booking. Fees include any PayPal administration fee. Payment for Kit & Book excludes administration fees.

 - Individual HP program remedies - posted within 7 to 10 days with instructions on how and when to take.

 FHCi and Travel HP Programs Remedy Kits -  ordered from the US. Delivery is via DHL Express shipping and takes approximately 7 days from ordering.

 - A 14 day cooling off period is provided after the initial appointment for FHCi and Travel HP Programs. Fees are non refundable regardless of continuation in the program after this period.  The cost of any kits ordered as part of the HP program are non-refundable at the point of sale. A consultation and administration fee will be charged if the program is cancelled during the cooling off period and prior to the kit being ordered. If the cooling off period is waived and the HP kit is ordered, fees will no longer be refundable under any circumstances.

Rearrangement, Cancellation and Missed Appointments

All Energetic Sessions, including HGS/Homeopathy combination sessions are non-refundable and non-rearrangeable at the point of booking. If specified in advance by the client a remote session can be undertaken if a client is unable to attend a booked Skype energetic session appointment or there are problems connecting on the day.

As much notice as possible must be given to rearrange or cancel any other session. A admin charge will be payable if changes are made within 1 week of the session:

If rearranged or cancelled within 5 working days a charge of 50% of the session fee will be payable.
If rearranged or cancelled within 3 working days a charge of 75% of the session fee will be payable.
If rearranged or cancelled within 1 working day or a session is missed, a charge of 100% of the session fee will be payable.

If Paypal payment has been used, this will incur an additional charge to cover the PayPal fees.

Please note Saturday and Sunday are counted as non- working days.

Session payments recieved at the time of booking for all sessions except energetic sessions will be refunded in accordance with this policy.

If a session appointment is rearranged or cancelled within 7 days or missed on one or more occasion all subsequent bookings will need to be made at the time of booking via the booking software and this will incur an additional fee.

Quintessence Portal reserve the right to waive the admin fee.

If a session is cancelled unexpectedly by Quintessence Portal that has already been paid for due to illness or an unexpected event and it is not possible to find a suitable alternative date and time either In-Person or on Skype for both client and therapist then the session fee will be refunded in full.

**Homeopathy & Nutrition appointments specific CV-19 cancellation policy**

As much notice as possible must be provided if unable to attend a session in relation to CV-19 symptoms, self-isolation or quarantine.

If unable to attend an in-person then the appointment will be run on Skype (or via telephone where agreed in advance)

If it is not possible to undertake a Skype appointment due to illness from CV-19 e.g. hospitalisation, then the booking will be refunded in line with the current Quintessence Portal cancellation fees up to a maximum of 50% to cover the costs of the missed appointment.

If the therapist is unable to attend the in-person appointment due to CV-19 illness, self-isolation or quarantine then where possible it will take place over Skype (or telephone) instead.

If the appointment needs to be cancelled by Quintessence Portal due to CV-19 illness, self-isolation or quarantine, and cannot take place over Skype (or telephone), and it is not possible to find a mutually convenient alternative date and time either in-person or on Skype for both client and therapist then the session fee will be refunded in full if already paid in advance.

Homeopathic remedies

The majority of remedies are included as part of the total cost of Homeopathy Sessions (excludes tissue salts, LM potencies, new vistas and some specialist and detox remedies). Remedies will be posted following the session within 7 to 10 days with instructions on how and when to take it. Some remedies may need to be ordered and this may delay dispatch of remedies. Repeat prescriptions within the UK requested without a session will be charged at £8 including p&p.

For International sessions remedies can be purchased in country directly or these can be shipped for an additional charge. Remedies are shipped where possible internationally using a tracked and signed service at an additional charge, invoiced after the session, and this is not included in the session fee. How long this takes depends on the country. No responsibility is accepted for remedies being stopped at customs or any delays in shipping this might entail. If remedies have to be reposted there will be an additional charge made for cost of remedies and reshipping. 

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional remedies may be recommended to purchase. These are not included in the session fee, and are optional. Recommendations are generally made from Metabolics (, Epigenetics (, Biocare ( and Nutri ( Clients are free to purchase other products but it is not possible to give advice on specific doses for products that are not recommended. Information about the products can be found on the related website.

Statement of Responsibility & Waiver

These documents must be completed, signed and returned prior to an initial appointment at Quintessence Poral.


This must be completed and provided prior to an initial homeopathic appointment along with any other information requested.

Confidentiality & Privacy

The therapeutic process may entail discussing in depth personal information, for example, thoughts, feelings and life experiences. It is important you feel safe to share. All information shared within a session appointment will remain confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality where information may need to be disclosed to a third party include threats to harm yourself or another, any vulnerable child, or adult at risk of abuse or neglect, and acts or potential acts of treason or terrorism, or via court order.

Personal information is collected, used and stored as outlined in the Privacy policy. All clients are required to read and confirm they agree to this before undertaking session work at Quintessence Portal.

All Skype Sessions are recorded. Recordings will automatically be sent for all Energetic/HGS sessions, including HGS/Homeopathy, and Guardian Homeopathy Sessions. Recordings for Skype Homeopathy & Nutrition Sessions, and Complimentary Sessions can be provided on request.