Sessions are undertaken via Skype or in-person in at York Natural Health, York. 

A typical first in-person session

Lasts approximately 1.5 hours. During this time a comprehensive picture is developed to understand what is happening physically, emotionally, and mentally within the body. This, in turn, helps in the identification of appropriate homeopathic remedies and other supportive treatments. Kinesiology is used to assess the current energetic, emotional and physical state and confirm the homeopathic remedies needed. Remedies are sent through the post following the session, along with suggestions for nutritional supplements, and dietary changes where appropriate to assist the process. The length in between sessions will vary and depends on various factors. Generally 4-6 weekly sessions are recommended initially. Follow up sessions are usually shorter lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Longer sessions maybe suggested if needed for more complex issues.

Online sessions

These differ slightly and initial web sessions are shorter than in person as time is needed before & after the session to create the homeopathic and nutritional schedule.

Combining other techniques

Longer Skype appointments can be booked to combine with energetic facilitation work. Please ask for further details. 

How many sessions?

This will depend on the body's condition, the response to the remedies and supplements, and commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes. If the body has been experiencing symptoms for many years or developed then slowly then they are unlikely to resolve with only a few sessions. The goal is to achieve a general overall improvement in wellbeing over a period of time.  Patience and commitment to the process is generally required for the best results, as long term changes are the overall objective. Simple problems often respond quickly and may only need a few sessions. The use of homeopathy may become a way of life rather than just the treatment of an individual condition. 

The majority of appointments available are during the weekday and will depend on your timezone.