Energetic Sessions and HGS Facilitation


These sessions address the non-manifest world of our subtle energy systems and their impact on our physical realities. The holographic projections from our multidimensional subtle body energy systems create our perceptions, emotions and experiences within our physical lives. The system works with these subtle energy bodies and blueprint layers removing miasma and blockages, clearing emotion, inorganic structures and implants, repairing DNA, reclaiming fragments and aspects and working with our ancestral lines to improve overall feelings of health and wellbeing. 

The AOA Hieros Gamos System(HGS) is a multidimensional, Living Template Techology offered to those desiring to expand personal empowerment by means of developing spiritual exploration and personal consciousness. It is designed for an individual to develop energetic self mastery without the need for an intermediary through negative ego clearing, development of higher sensory perception and compassionate witness.


Energetic Sessionwork

Facilitated energetic sessionwork as part of the HGS system is offered to support those feeling the need for additional energetic and spiritual support in their lives. 

Sessions take place on Skype. 

For more information or to book a session send a message via the website or email: [email protected]



 Energetic HGS Session  2 hours



 Energetic HGS Session 90 minutes



 Taster session/Energetic HGS Session 75 minutes






 1.5hr Combined Energetic/HGS Session with Homeopathy &  Nutrition (Initial Homeopathy Session is a pre-requisite)


Payment for sessions is required at the time of booking via PayPal and is none refundable.


Individual HGS Facilitation/Ascension Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are available to support understanding, context and use of energetic synthesis tools or for those working with the HGS system or working towards calibration. These do not contain energetic work but are an opportunity to discuss the material, your process with it and have questions answered.


For more information or to book a session send a message via the website or email: [email protected]


Disclaimer: The impact and effect from participating in Energetic HGS Facilitation Sessions are individualised and dependent upon a wide array of internal and external influences, and therefore no guarantee of personal results can be made through an Energetic HGS facilitation session. Every person’s involvement with the application of the HGS system through energetic facilitation sessions is a personal decision and choice that is made at the discretion of the participant. Therefore the responsibility pertaining to the effect and influences of the system are inherent in this personal choice and its responsibilities remain solely with the individual. 

No claim is made for the treatment or cure of any previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions, nor is Energetic HGS Facilitation intended as a substitute for medical care. Those presently in the care of medical doctors or psychiatric professionals are advised to seek professional advice before undertaking an Energetic HGS facilitation sessionNo medical diagnosis or opinion is being offered through the use of this system. Individuals are advised to see their medical practitioner with any new or unexplained symptoms.