Homeopathy & Functional Nutrition


A combination of classical, practical and complex homeopathy, combined with nutrition, and kinesiology are utilised to facilitate the process of self-healing within an individual.

Individually tailored integrative therapeutic regimes are provided at each session. 

The basis of session work utilises homeopathic remedies, supplemented with nutritional support, detoxification, allergy advice and elimination diets. Kinesiology is used both as an explorative and healing tool.


Homeopathy is ideal for anyone wishing to explore a holistic approach to all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

People undertake session work at Quintessence Portal with a variety of conditions and symptoms. Anyone who feels aligned to use homeopathy can be supported. 

Opportunities to support those with chronic issues are welcomed, including fatigue, hormonal imbalance, environmental toxicity & allergy; as well as emotional and childhood development issues, ascension symptoms and women prior to conception, during pregnancy, and beyond into motherhood. 

Homeopathic Detoxification can be utilised in wellness support if required. 

Nutritional Support

During different periods of our lives, for example, in pregnancy or when unwell, our bodies have increased needs for certain nutritional requirements to ensure its systems work optimally.  Dietary changes, and nutritional supplementation can ensure the body has all that it needs to function correctly.


Imbalance in the body may be caused by toxicity, for example, from pharmaceuticals and other environmental factors including fungal overgrowth, parasites and heavy metals. The bodies natural organic detoxification processes can be supported to improve wellbeing, through diet, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy.


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Disclaimer: Charlotte Batchelor is not providing medical diagnosis or treatment in her role at Quintessence Portal as a homeopath and the advice she offers related to diet and nutritional products. Any advice given is not intended as a medical substitute or cure for any disease or health condition. Please see your regular medical practitioner with any new or unexplained symptoms and for ongoing medical treatment you maybe receiving. No direct, indirect or implied claim of efficacy for Homeopathy is made for the treatment or cure of any new or previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions. Although  some scientific evidence does exist for the use of homeopathy in certain conditions, its effective use remains disputed. All information shared is related to Charlotte Batchelor's direct experience. The choice to participate and use homeopathy is left entirely to the responsibility of the individual.